“Anything you can eat, I can eat vegan.” Everyone on a plant-based diet knows the truth of that meme/hashtag, and that’s the genius behind Plant Power Fast Food, an innovative new concept that has been open in San Diego, California, since early January.

The drive-up spot — in the hip, surf-style neighborhood of Ocean Beach — offers an entirely plant-based menu that features burgers, shakes, fries, tacos, wraps, smoothies, salads, and fresh juices. Customers are able to cruise into a Sonic-style drive-up, order through a kiosk, and wait for a staffer to bring out their food.

Founded by ethical vegans, the spot is all about winning hearts and minds through delicious, familiar food.The second location, in Encinitas, Calif., is set to open in fall of 2016, and will feature a full drive-through a la traditional fast food joints. The team is looking to create a regional chain of vegan fast food eateries over the next several years.

“Turning our vision into a reality is a group effort,” adds Mitch Wallis, CEO. “Plant Power Fast Food is a diverse, hardworking, enthusiastic team committed to bringing something wonderful to our world.”

You can follow Plant Power Fast Food via Facebook, and learn more about the concept on the website, PlantPowerFastFood.com.

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