2017 has certainly has been a noteworthy year. From the tumult in politics, both here and abroad, to the long overdue strides we’ve made in the areas of gender and racial equality to the increased worldwide acceptance of a plant-based diet and lifestyle, 2017 will be one for the history books.

The year has been an interesting one for us here at Scout 22. We have been involved with a wide range of clients and have been privileged to have worked with some of the most innovative and inspiring people and companies in the business world.

We are partnered with Nelson and Dr. T. Colin Campbell and the people at PlantPure Nation on what can only be described as a revolutionary, grassroots movement entitled Healing America, a tour and campaign that will empower local communities to take back their health by adopting a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

We also watched as the little San Diego vegan restaurant that could, Plant Power Fast Food, received accolades from all over the vegan and business communities with their fast food vegan drive-thru concept. Outlets such as Forbes, VegNews, One Green Planet and organizations such as PETA have all written about the amazing success story that is Plant Power Fast Food. We have been with Mitch, Jeffrey and the gang almost since the start and watched as their second location has proven as successful as their first. The sky is the limit from here.

In addition, we were fortunate enough to have been in on the ground floor with Cruelty Free Investing, an organization that enables investors to align their investments with their values by listing every company on the three major US stock exchanges and whether or not they participate in animal cruelty. It is an idea whose time has certainly come.
Some marketing and PR agencies boast of the sheer size of their clients, never concerning themselves with the type of product they sell or service they provide. What we are most proud of at Scout 22 is how our clients actually make a difference in the world, an idea which is the foundational ethos of who we are at Scout 22 and we can’t wait for what’s in store for vegan and conscious capitalist companies in 2018.

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