When you think of New York City, a few things instantly come to mind: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Broadway, the tragedy of 9/11 and the strength of a city to rebuild itself in the aftermath. Another image that comes to mind is the beauty of Central Park and a romantic carriage ride through it with a loved one.

If you know anything about horses, you’d understand why the idea of horse drawn carriages in the city is a ‘tradition’ that we really need to let go of. Horses are gentle, intelligent and extremely strong animals. They are also very sensitive, especially to loud noises, and one of the things you can’t escape in New York City is the constant noise. The other thing is traffic. Maybe there was a time for horse drawn carriage rides, but that time is long gone.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio agrees. “We think it’s time to end horse carriages in the city,” the mayor said, “and we’re going to act on it.” He’s absolutely right. There is no question that these animals are abused. They are forced to endure the extreme heat and cold of the city, navigate through traffic (every year the list of accidents involving horse drawn carriages grows) and pound the hard New York Streets all day long. Anybody who is even remotely familiar with horses knows that they are not suited for any of the above activities, and it’s time to see this ‘romantic’ experience for what it really is: torture.

Some heavy hitters in the entertainment industry support legislation to ban this outdated form of ‘entertainment’. Tim Gunn, Anjelica Huston, Russell Simmons and Edie Falco will be part of a bus shelter advertising campaign where they urge specific council members who are undecided about the legislation to sign on.

You can help too in a variety of ways which can be found at Constant Contact. Please, take the time to click on this link to learn more about this issue and how you can help. Animals can’t speak, so somebody has to on their behalf. Let that somebody be you.

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