A number of people are asking why the agency is called Scout 22, so who better to ask than Founder Lori Amos?

I have always liked the word or name ‘Scout’, so I chose to use it rather than say Search or Hunt. Additionally, I chose 22 because ‘V’ is the 22nd letter of the alphabet and it is a little more creative than just using the letter ‘V’ for Vegan.

When you’re perusing a menu or grocery store goods, as a vegan, you often look for the ‘V’ letter on packages to indicate it’s vegan friendly. At the essence, our company name means Seeking a Humane & Ethical Lifestyle.

Oh, and just to clarify, we are not named for the Scout 22 pistol, although I have been called a pistol and firecracker by a few “seasoned” ad execs!”

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