We are a full-service marketing agency that works exclusively with conscious capitalist brands. Our ethos is simple—commerce and ethics can and should co-exist. If you share our philosophy, we’d love to hear from you.
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Plant-Based/Vegan Products & Services | Social Impact Films/Entertainment | Green Energy | Socially Responsible Investing | Waste & Recycling | Green Tech | Sustainable Design & Architecture | Health & Wellness | Higher Education


We are seasoned media, strategy and creative marketing and public relations professionals who are dedicated to connecting customers with compassionate brands through innovation, advanced analytics, and sophisticated strategies.

As marketers and visionaries, we partner with brands that are making a positive contribution to the planet and with clients that share our core values—sustainable, environmentally aware and ethically sourced. Whether you want to launch a new brand or expand your current brand’s reach we can help.

“If we don’t align with what we see, we simply say “Thanks, but no thanks.” We choose to work exclusively with people, products and organizations that are leading the way to a better future. Alignment with your vision means we’re working with the same integrity and passion as you.”

Lori Amos

Lori Amos
Founder & President
Lori Amos is a Los Angeles native with over two decades of marketing and advertising experience. Using her diverse background in the marketing industry she has developed and executed strategies for a variety of clients – from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies – and everything in between.
Pastime: Traveling (beaten and unbeaten paths)
Food: Jam on toast
Animal: Lion
Band: The Kinks
Movie: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder version, of course)
Jim Amos
Digital Media & Public Relations
Jim has significant high level sales, management and marketing experience in the motion picture industry and has worked both with major studios and small start-ups. He expertly navigated the challenges of each and uses that experience to maximize revenue for Scout 22’s clients.
Movie: Rear Window
Book: “About a Boy”, Nick Hornby
Album: “Avalon”, Roxy Music
TV show: Masterpiece Mystery
Vacation Spot: The Cotswolds
Hannah Sentenac
Communications Specialist
Hannah is a natural extrovert, born communicator and experienced media professional. Having worked on both the journalism and public relations/marketing sides of the industry, she has a unique perspective and specific expertise in all forms of content creation, communications, and media outreach. She uses this ability to tell the stories of Scout 22’s clients in a singular and engaging way.
Comfort Food: Vegan stuffed crust pizza
City: LA, of course!
Indulgence: Piña coladas
Author: Tie between Mike Dooley and Erik Larson
Pastime: Traveling and trying ALL the new things

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Our capabilities span the marketing spectrum, from strategy to creative, account management, and technical development. We’re experienced in serving high-profile, demanding clients with complex needs and collaborating with their in-house teams to maximize marketing impact. Scout 22 believes that being a favorite trusted brand is more valuable than being a famous brand.

We engineer marketing strategies that grow businesses and build lasting relationships between people and their favorite brands. We will help your brand forge meaningful, emotional connections that amplify results across earned, owned and paid channels.


Brand Consulting & Development | Creative Strategy & Design Implementation | Digital and Offline Strategy & Execution | Public Relations | Media Strategy, Planning & Buying | Analytics | Research


Brand Consulting | SEO | SEM | Social Media | Content Strategy & Development | Website Development | Creative Strategy & Execution | Email | Mobile | Digital Display | Broadcast | Print | Direct Response TV | Direct Mail | Out-of-Home | Point of Purchase | Packaging | Events | Sponsorships

The ability to reach consumers at every stage of their consideration journey is critical. Scout 22 will help your business forge meaningful emotional connections that amplify results.
Scout 22 developed and utilizes a proprietary listening and focus group tool called the 22 Network. We have spent years building connections and fostering relationships in the core vertical space—publishers, suppliers, retailers, influencers and consumers from all walks of life and in every major DMA in the nation and in select countries. This enables us to have a deep understanding of our space and to tap these resources at a moment’s notice for qualitative and quantitative research.


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Watch A Movie, Change The World

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Breaking Up With Big Trade Shows

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